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Dave Kelly’s Publications

Dave Kelly’s short stories and nonfiction pieces have appeared in numerous publications over the years. As of late, he has enjoyed writing short stories. He primarily focuses on character studies and the impact of reality and hardship on relationships. Check out his Amazon Author Page for the latest from Dave Kelly!

Dave Kelly’s Short Stories

A Matter of Time

A stream of consciousness short fiction story about the relationship between time, creativity, what we love, and our broken perceptions of reality.

Published 8/30/2019

Unknown Soldiers

A slice of life short fiction story about soldiers in combat, the life choices that led to their enlistment, their complicated relationships, and an impossible decision.

Published 9/7/2019

A Trip Home

A slice of life short fiction story that reflects on the attitude of youth, the ensuing actions, and what those actions mean to the future self.

Published 9/13/2019

Stealing the Prize

A coming-of-age story of a father/son relationship, the changes that occur over time, and what they mean; told through the lens of a game.

Published 12/26/2019